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Dr. Devra Davis of the University of Pittsburgh School of Environmental Health helped diagnose Allan. She says its “an unusual situation in that her husband used a cell phone for an extraordinary amount of time, and while its difficult to be certain what the causes were of his brain tumor, the likelihood of the hours and hours on the cell phone could be attributed to his brain tumor.”

Dr. Davis is one of dozens of international doctors gathering here in Washington, DC this week for a conference on the problem. She says people shouldn’t be afraid to use their phone if they take simple precautions. “Use an ear piece. Don’t keep the phone on your body all the time. Text messaging is fine but children should be warned not to use a cell phone like a phone next to their brain.”

Many of the doctors plan to testify at a Congressional hearing on the potential link Monday afternoon. Marks says she’ll be there because “My ultimate goal is that the government does something not allowing technology that was invented to enrich our lives, kill us. My husband is going to die of his brain tumor. I don’t want this to happen to other people, I want people to know.”

CTIA, the group representing the wireless industry here in Washington, DC, did not respond to Fox 5’s request for comment on this story.

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