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Paul Brodeur was a very influential critic of the way electromagnetic fields were handled by Governmental agencies up to the early 1990s. His work in this area, consisting primarily of a series of three articles in the New Yorker magazine that formed the basis of a 1993 book, “The Great Power-Line Cover-Up,” has since been shown to be of little scientific value, except perhaps in forcing the scientific establishment to more thoroughly document the case for the basic harmlessness of such radiation. This web site contains a critique of his works on electromagnetic fields by Ruth Douglas Miller, PhD, described therein as “A Paper Commissioned by the IEEE EMBS Committee on Man and Radiation.” References to the original Brodeur articles are given in the Introduction.

A related reference document, IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society, Committee on Man and Radiation (COMAR) gives a large number of scientifically accurate COMAR publications discussing this issue.

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