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As far as the nervous system is concerned, the health effects and action mechanisms of EMFs are better established (see the Bioinitiative Report). In accordance with the precautionary principle, ARTAC considers that public authorities urgently need to take measures to regulate the use of wireless technologies – principally mobile phone masts, WiFi and mobile phones. Many people now claim to be “electrohypersensitive” and feel unwell when in the presence of EMFs (headaches, memory problems, insomnia, fatigue, etc). In Sweden, a country which first developed wireless technologies in the early 1980s, electrohypersensitivity is recognised as a “handicap” which affects to a greater or lesser degree 250,000 people out of a population of 9 million.

For almost a year Professor Belpomme has undertaken examinations of several dozen patients who claim to be electrohypersensitive. These people are real patients and have enabled ARTAC to carry out scientific research in this field. First, ARTAC produced a clinical description of what Professor Belpomme calls the EMF intolerance syndrome. Two phases have been identified : an initial phase characterised by headaches and neurological problems, heart rhythm disturbances and difficulties concentrating.

a secondary phase characterised by a trio of chronic symptoms – insomnia, fatigue, depression. These symptoms can be accompanied by memory and behavioural problems – irritability, aggression, and even suicidal tendencies.

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