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Stephanie of Lawrenceville, GA, writes:

My father was in the telecommunications industry. He used cell phones for many years. He found he had non-Hodgkins lymphoma in his brain in 1997. He was treated and remained in remission for 15 months. It came back in October 1998. He passed away from this 2nd bout with the cancer March 19, 2000.

We have read and heard of so many cases where a lot of people who have brain tumors also use cell phones. I know it is not considered a fact yet. But if and when it is known to be factual I want a class action lawsuit put together and every cell phone manufacturer to pay for the damage and pain that have been caused to so many families.

My father was only 45 years old, a very active man, ate well, exercised. Until this cancer came along. I do believe it is because of cell phones that he got this cancer. Having to watch a loved one slowly die is the most horrible experience and no one should have to go through it.

Imagine having brain cancer. My father all of a sudden one day couldn’t do anything, not even sit himself up in bed. My brother and I had to quit our jobs so my mother could keep hers and keep the house to take care of him. In his last 2 weeks of life we had to feed him morphine constantly to make him unaware of the pain he was going through. Now my mother is left a widow, my daughter no longer has her only grandfather whom she loved dearly and my younger brother turned 18 years old 4 days before our father passed away.

I want these cell phone companies to compensate the families who have gone through this.

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