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Barbara of Foothill Ranch, CA, writes:
I am sending this request on behalf of my husband who was diagnosed with a inoperable malignant brain tumor two years ago (Astrocytoma grade III) on his right side by his ear — right temporal. My husband was only 31 (now 33) when diagnosed but has been using cellular phones due to work for approx. 13 years on a everyday basis.

Since his biopsy, he has undergone chemo and radiation. He still suffers with headaches and seizures and takes medication every day and not to mention that the malignant tumor is still in his head because of size and location. He also has short term memory due to all the treatment and craniotomy-biopsy.

He is limited to the amount of sound,noise or people that he can be around now. His work is harder do to his memory loss and he gets irretated very easily now. He is a different man. He is short with our 10 year old son. The hard part is that everyday he wakes up he knows that the malignant brain tumor is still there and there is nothing that anybody can do about it! His and our quality of life has changed because we do not know how much time we have together. We both know how serious his condition is and there is no cure!

Is there any sort of composation available to him for this? We read on the internet in consumer affair web site regarding the Neurologist that claims cell phones caused his brain tumor and he has filed an $800 million lawsuit againt Mororola charging that years of using a cellurlar phone has given him brain cancer. $700 million is for punitive damages and $100 million is for compensatory damages. Is there any sort of lawsuit or compensation available for my husband and his condition he is now faced with and has to live with for the rest of his life and our life?

There’s no class action suit that we know of. Barbara and her husband would need to find a personal injury attorney.

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