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While driving down any Yankee roadway it isn’t a bizarre sight to see electric lines, phone poles, and cell telephone towers. You’ll notice that there don’t appear to be adequate cell telephone towers in comparison to how many cell telephone buyers exist. This phenomenon is caused by the fact that you aren’t looking in the right places. Cell telephone towers have gone into hiding, disguising themselves as trees, church steeples, and even gas station signs in a scheme to preserve the look of the landscape.

Cell telephone towers are a required element to let us to broadcast our signals from cell telephones and must be placed at acceptable intervals along the road. Unlike any other utility towers and poles, these structures are wireless and customarily solitary.

The quantity of towers required in an area is directly in proportion to the density of cell telephone users. As different cell telephone firms use different antennas that are all found on the same cell telephone tower, these structures can be quite ugly. So the cell telephone tower commenced to be masked. Cell telephone “trees” became the most well liked disguise that these technological giants presume.

These “plants” come in each shape and form dependent on what species of trees are close by to help them mix in. This disguise is generally part of a landscape theme or a forest. In the Pacific Northwest, Douglas firs are a favored species that are “planted” among the thick woods and forests in this mountainous region.

Moreno Valley, California
Shreveport, Louisiana
Armenia, Yerevan
Lichtenstein, Vaduz
Russian Federation, Moscow City
Newark, New Jersey
Nedlands, Victoria
Swan Hill, Victoria
Bangladesh, Dhaka City
Dhadna, United Arab Emirates, Dhadna, UAE

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