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Cell phones Causing Skin Infections

Professor Charles Gerba of the College of Arizona is terribly curious about what’s growing on your cell telephone, and we are not talking about your bill. He has been testing cell telephones and finding that, generally, they are shot through with germs and bacteria that may cause skin infections.

In an informal on-the-street test he ran eleven telephones thru his “germ meter” test, which counted the quantity of nasties on the telephones. 5 of the telephones failed that test, meaning they’d thousands of sorts of bacteria. Gerba asserts that isn’t always a difficulty while all of them come from your own skin. Once you start sharing a cell telephone is when things can get ghastly. This is not the first we’ve been told about this, so you’d better take some cares. Take a disinfectant wipe and rub any surface that might come in touch with your skin, ensuring you get into the nooks and crannies. whatever you do, don’t spray it with cleaner : those miniscule electronics within don’t usually like being misted with conductive liquids.
Naturally, you might always use an ear piece or BlueTooth headset and keep the cell telephone away from your cheeks completely.

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