Cell Phones and Superbug Bacterial infections Like MRSA Staph Part 2

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What is perhaps most stunning is that 1 in 8 were found to harbor the potentially deadly MRSA bug, which is said to be the cause of 60 percent of all hospital infections.It’s something that few people think about, but how often does anyone clean their cell phone? We’re all being told relentlessly to wash our hands. Especially if we’re employees of the restaurant in which the restroom that carries the notice is housed. But cell phones sit in fluff-filled pockets, on dirty train tables, in scarcely pristine meeting rooms, on car seats that may have recently been vacated by the bottom of someone not necessarily as anally retentive as ourselves, and then we put them to our fingers, our ears, and our mouths. Of course, cell phones are vital tools in hospitals.

The question now might be: how do you get those over-stressed, over-partied doctors to clean their cell phones with alcohol-based disinfectants?
Perhaps they could just breathe on them.

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