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The Q-link has three chief functions and thru the performing of these functions you’ll be the receiver of many health benefits, both psychological and physical. The chief functions are reinforcing you capacity to function inside an EMF inundated atmosphere, the fortifying of your resistance and resistance to the results of stress encountered in the course of daily existence and the 3rd function is the enlarging of your energy and the reinforcing of your psychological performance particularly in times where you are submitted to big amounts of stress and strain to help deal with the addition pressure.

The Qlink provides you with a myriad of benefits, including protection from the EMF radiation that is so abundant nowadays, the enhancement of psychological application and lucidity, the aid in balancing your emotion to help attain the psychological application and lucidity, helping you to realize deep and refreshing sleep on a constant basis, as well as an improvement in sports performance. The more that you wear your Q-link, the more emphatic the advantages will be that you receive. Your Qlink should be worn as frequently as possible including while you are sleeping at night. If you wear it at all time then you’ll be helping to enforce your bio-field in a major and this could help to deal with the listlessness, infirmities and fatigue that you are feeling when your bio-field has deteriorated.

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