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In our each day lives we are being impacted by forces that we won’t see and these forces are wearing down our health, both psychological and physical, on a regular basis. These forces spring from EMFs, Electronic Fields, which are present everywhere, but is concentrated in selected areas, like near power lines. In the home the EMFs are focused around power outlets. The Q-link was made by group of executives who mixed their research to supply a device that would help folk to withstand the consequences of the EMFs. The Qlink is structured to help to build up your bio-field, the field that permeates and extends out of our bodies, and help you the fight the effect of radiation on your health.

The Q-link is also meant to help people that live or work within a very irradiated environment to continue to function at a top levels.

Holland, Amsterdam
Evansville, Indiana
Bunbury, Victoria
Tempe, Arizona
Orange, California
Arvada, Colorado
New Orleans, Louisiana
Belarus, Minsk
Taiwan, Taipei
Slovakia, Bratislava
Sydney, Australia

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