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Chance often plays a decisive role in our fate. One day, in October 1985, a lawyer from the occupational injuries department at TCO came into my room and told me that he had helped a 48-year-old female bank clerk to get her skin complaints acknowledged as an occupational injury, resulting from her using computer screens. Her doctor had written a certificate, stating that the changes in her skin were of the kind found following exposure to radiation, especially uv- and x-rays. According to him there was a clear connection with her work, but he was unable to state which item in the screen could be the cause of her skin complaint. The regional social insurance office in Stockholm had approved the occupational injuries claim

Radiation injuries caused by computer screens! This was, of course, a sensation and the article I wrote attracted a lot of atten¬tion. The Swedish debate on health risks associated with working in front of computer screens had, up to that time, been about mis¬carriages and perhaps even cancer. Now it became apparent that for a number of had treated patients with different skin and eye complaints that they claimed were related to their working in front of computer screens.

But the doctors had most often dismissed them, in many cases sending them to psychiatrists. The media had not taken no¬tice of this. The situation changed as soon as the bank employee’s injuries were classified as work-related. The first article I wrote about her started a deluge of phone calls and letters to the journal from all over Sweden.

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