Health Canada issued a statement No Scientific Reason To Consider The Use Of Cellphones Unsafe.

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“You have to look at the overwhelming amount of research that is out there. It’s been done for decades now, and you have vast amounts of scientists around the world that have been studying this issue, and you can’t just look at one study or you can’t just look at two studies. You have to look at in the totality of all the work that’s out there.”

Government agencies responsible for compiling and analyzing this body of work — including Health Canada and the World Health Organization — “continue to say that the evidence that is out there that has been reviewed for years and years and years, that there is no demonstrated risk for human health,” said Choma.

But Toronto Public Health last year recommended parents take precautions to minimize any potential risks to their children from cellphone use, acknowledging the “uncertainty in the science on health risks from cellphone use, particularly where it concerns children.”

After the agency released its position last July on cellphone use and kids, Health Canada issued a statement, reaffirming that the department “currently sees no scientific reason to consider the use of cellphones as unsafe. There is no convincing evidence of increased risk of disease from exposure to radio frequency electromagnetic fields fr om cellphones.”