What Do Cell Phone and Wi-Fi Frequencies do to Your Brain?

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To get an accurate picture of what is going on when your brain is exposed to radiation from a cell phone, I highly suggest you download the brainwave model (PDF) from The Human Project.

As you look it over, you’ll see that your brain vibrates at different frequencies. For instance, the frequency at 3-12.5 Hz is the “vitality field” that allows your brain to recover, recharge and maintain homeostasis. When you are in this frequency you will likely be in deep sleep or deep hypnosis.

Moving up the scale, your pineal gland, which produces melatonin that helps you sleep and fights cancer, vibrates at 10 Hz. Your brain’s limbic system — the center of your emotions — vibrates at 12.5 Hz and your brain’s “joy center” vibrates at 17.5 Hz.

As vibrations increase, that is where you can run into some problems. At 33 Hz, nervousness, panic and anxiety starts, and frequencies much above this can cause everything from cell mutations to problems with fertility. Also of note is whether or not these frequencies are pulsating or non-pulsating. The base of your brain, which is your center for creativity and spiritual development, vibrates at 100 Hz, but is not pulsated.