Can we trust them at all for treating people with CFS/ME?

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Collective hallucination they say! They hide the cell phone masts saying that if people cannot see them they will not be sick, or more exactly, will not be able to tell what is causing their illness! Also in many third world countries, like Brazil for instance, or in remote areas everywhere, cell phones are the only alternative for thousand of people since no wired phone lines are available…
It seems to me that there are a lot of experts out there with regards to CFS/ME and they all have a piece of the puzzle but they all seem to be barking up only one of the trees – looking at one piece of the puzzle – and not really looking at the big picture. In other words, to use the old cliche “they cannot see the forest for the trees.” I am guessing that part of it has to do with too much left-brained thinking.
Here we have a lot of highly intelligent people only using half of their brain, analyzing, taking the pieces apart, but not really being able to put them back together. I think that when we realize that large numbers of people started to get sick with this syndrome around 1984 – the same time commercial cell-phone service spread across the USA – then we are looking at a major piece of this puzzle. Of course, there are pathogens involved, but these are rather opportunistic in nature and are only secondary to something else that is weakening the immune system – i.e., electromagnetic radiation.
Of course, it is well known that people with CFS go on to develop heart problems – and Dr. Cheney has even recently made this the basis of his theory regarding CFS. However, we also know that exposure to microwave radiation is known to eventually cause heart problems and is a major eventual symptom in what is known as “Microwave Sickness” or “Microwave Syndrome.” We know that exposure to EMR causes a deluge of free radicals, which wreck havoc on cell walls, mitochondria, and DNA. Recently, Professor Martin Pall has proposed the consumption of antioxidants as a cure for CFS, but he conveniently leaves out any mention of EMR – in spite of numerous studies showing that microwaves and other EMR are a major cause of the creation of free radicals and the depletion of the body’s natural antioxidants like Melatonin, Superoxide Dismutase (SOD) and Glutathione.