Developed Brain Tumors Who All Still Continue To Wield Their Cellular Weapons

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Then on the other hand, like I said before, people are so addicted to their cell phones and their WiFi that they cannot even imagine their life without them – and hence refuse to give them up. Of course, this is exactly what the cell phone industry wants – and it has even been postulated that there are certain frequencies, by design, which stimulate the production of opioids in the brain. I know people with friends and family members that have developed brain tumors who all still continue to wield their cellular weapons. Now, is that sick or what? Don’t they realize that by owning cell phones themselves, they are indirectly responsible for giving their friends and family members these brain tumors? They are like heroin addicts that cannot give up heroin even though they know it is destroying their life and the lives of their families and friends. Cell phones have become the electromagnetic drug of the 21st Century. However, I must say that the situation with cell phones – on a global scale – I fear is much more serious than any heroin addiction. And the sad part is – while truly being a serious crime against humanity and wildlife – is perfectly legal and accepted as perfectly normal by the majority of the population.