Cell Phone Industry Make Profit of Dollars Yearly!

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Don’t you have the feeling that this disease looks like a curse because the official science, the mass media, and the general public seem to be unable to accept – let alone – understand the principles and consequences of the disease?
It seems as if the only way to get a full understanding of the illness and the danger it poses for the whole of mankind is for people to either get sick or for one of their close family members to get sick.

Yes, it really a major quagmire that we have gotten ourselves into it seems. The cell phone industry makes hundreds of billions of dollars in profits yearly and they pay governments a good portion of their profits – billions of dollars in licensing fees – every year. Moreover, with all that money they have the resources to influence policy decisions and public opinion directly or indirectly on a number of levels: through campaign contributions to politicians, advertising revenue for media outlets, funding for scientific researchers, donations to supposedly charitable organizations and so on. It is also well known (in some circles) that they have even infiltrated a number of governmental and international organizations like the FDA and WHO. They seem to have covered all the bases to protect themselves and to forward their interests. However, the one true thing they have going against themselves is that they are very obviously in the wrong!