Strengthening One’s Immune System And Boosting NK Cell Counts

Since microwave radiation and other forms of EMR are known to lower one’s Natural Killer (NK) cell count which are an essential component of one’s immune system doing things to boost this are essential. There is a relatively new line of products out there made from what are called Transfer Factors, which not only boost one’s NK cell counts, but also target specific viruses and pathogens. They are made by injecting cows and chickens with viruses and other pathogens to which a form of antibodies called Transfer Factors are produced in and extracted from the milk and eggs respectively. Hence, they have been found to be extremely effective for treating CFS.

There is also a Chinese medicine formula known as Hochu-ekki-to in Japan and Bu zhong yi chi in China, which is highly effective in strengthening one’s immune system and boosting NK cell counts. (Interestingly, as the article to the second link above suggests, this is also useful in treating radiation-induced disorders, which is exactly what I am saying is the underlying cause of CFS.) When I first became sick, I completely lost my appetite (and my sex drive) and dropped about 40 pounds (18 kilograms) in one month. A local Japanese doctor of Chinese medicine prescribed this formula and it literally brought me back from the depths of the abyss.