Cell Phones More Dangerous Than Cigarettes! Part 2


Obviously, exposure to ELF by cell phone use in the young might even pose a greater threat because the changes caused by such exposure might well be greater in the developing brain. However, it does not end there.
Other reports by Hardell et al indicate that the use of wireless handsets in cordless home phones poses the same risk as cell phones.

It should be true, if the forgoing findings are accurate, that there has been an increase in the incidence of brain tumors over the last 25 years or so. There are a number of published reports on the topic indicating a definite increase in the incidence of brain tumors, particularly malignant forms such as glioblastoma multiforme.

Although some studies indicate a stable tumor rate including during the years after cell phone introduction. An increase in nerve sheath tumors has also been reported. The statistical increase of tumors found in these studies are somewhat modified, in some authors’ opinions, because of the improved technology of diagnostic imaging, especially computed tomography and magnetic resonance imaging, both introduced and advanced in the same era. However, the fact is that the incidence of gliomas, especially the more malignant varieties, is increasing based on the now numerous reports warrants action on the issue.

Hardell and his colleagues, along with other scientists, have formed the Bioinitiative Working Group, which appears to be a spin-off of another group, the Bioelectromagnetics Society. The mission of the Bioelectromagnetics Society, as posted on their Web site, is to be the international resource for excellence in scientific research, knowledge, and understanding of the interaction of electromagnetic fields with biological systems.

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