Acupuncture and TCM Approaches for CFS Chronic Fatigue Syndrome


Moreover, stimulation of a number of acupuncture points via acupuncture is also very helpful in that it balances the energy in the meridians flowing through the body. For example, the acupuncture point Zusanli (Stomach 36) has also been found to be very effective in stimulating production of NK cells. Dr. Douglas Yi Wang has written an excellent article titled “Acupuncture and TCM Approaches for CFS” on treating CFS with Chinese medicine, which we might guess could also be applied to the treatment of Microwave Sickness. Thus one can easily theorize that EMR disrupts the energy flow in these meridians – and can very well be likened to what is known as “Evil Chi” (xieqi) in Chinese medicine theory.

With regards to taking care of the mycoplasma infections, a product called Myco – from Raintree Nutrition using a number of herbs collected from the Amazon rainforest – is very effective for this. I had taken a bottle to Dr. Yayama to examine using a bioresonance machine he invented called Zero Search, and his response was to get off the antibiotics because this was much more effective. I took his advice and haven’t had any problems since.

At one point, I had developed these ugly warts all over my hands. I had been seeing a dermatologist who would freeze them off once a week and they would always just return the following week. I finally had Dr. Yayama look at them. He used his Zero Search machine in conjunction with the German Rayometer. He kept on turning the dial on the Rayometer checking different frequencies while he waved this kind of laser wand over my hands. Finally, he said “Candida.” He gave me some cream to hold in my hand while he checked its effectiveness with his machine. I used it and the warts were gone within a week. When I went to see the dermatologist again, he was quite shocked and amazed.

Strengthening One’s Immune System And Boosting NK Cell Counts

Since microwave radiation and other forms of EMR are known to lower one’s Natural Killer (NK) cell count which are an essential component of one’s immune system doing things to boost this are essential. There is a relatively new line of products out there made from what are called Transfer Factors, which not only boost one’s NK cell counts, but also target specific viruses and pathogens. They are made by injecting cows and chickens with viruses and other pathogens to which a form of antibodies called Transfer Factors are produced in and extracted from the milk and eggs respectively. Hence, they have been found to be extremely effective for treating CFS.

There is also a Chinese medicine formula known as Hochu-ekki-to in Japan and Bu zhong yi chi in China, which is highly effective in strengthening one’s immune system and boosting NK cell counts. (Interestingly, as the article to the second link above suggests, this is also useful in treating radiation-induced disorders, which is exactly what I am saying is the underlying cause of CFS.) When I first became sick, I completely lost my appetite (and my sex drive) and dropped about 40 pounds (18 kilograms) in one month. A local Japanese doctor of Chinese medicine prescribed this formula and it literally brought me back from the depths of the abyss.

What kind of treatment has been effective to treat your condition?

The number one thing that people can do for this condition is to remove themselves from an environment high in electromagnetic radiation. And if that is not possible then shielding is another option needed to create a place low in EMR. There is silver-lined material available that can be placed over windows and quite effective for blocking out microwave radiation. There is also a German-made paint called Y-Shield effective for blocking microwave radiation passing through walls. Also, microwaves will enter the house via electric wires contributing to what is called dirty electricity, so I and others have found that the use of Graham-Stetzer filters to be very helpful. Professor Magda Havas, (Ph.D.) and Dave Stetzer have done some interesting research along these lines. I personally hit the outside breaker before I go to sleep and hence stop any electricity from entering the house.

Secondly, I would say that chelation therapy is highly effective in removing any heavy metals from one’s body, but this needs to be done carefully. First of all, removing any metal fillings from one’s mouth is necessary and chelation therapy (administered by a professional) should be followed by this. However, it is extremely important that one has first removed oneself from the electrosmog environment for at least eight weeks before one starts doing any heavy-duty chelation therapy.

Thirdly, taking a large variety of antioxidants is extremely helpful since one of the adverse effects of exposure to EMR is the creation of free radicals, which go onto damage the cell wall, the mitochondria, and DNA.

Why did you move from Japan to China?

I had eventually found a log house up in the mountains of Saga Prefecture, Japan where there was no cell-phone or TV reception. Originally we decided to just stay up there for three days to see how I felt. I would say that 50% of my symptoms disappeared in the first 24 hours. We ended up staying there for four months and at that point I would say that I was approximately 85% recovered. However, it took two months to get off the sleeping pills. Fortunately, this place was also close to Dr. Yayama’s clinic so I was also making quite regular visits to see him.

As I started to heal, my body also started to become extremely sensitive to EMR especially microwave radiation. We would be driving down the road and before we could even see a cell-phone tower, I was able to actually feel it. I started to also become sensitive to radiation from cell phones. If someone were to make a cell-phone call near me, it would make me really sick. Once we went to this cafe way up in the mountains and the only other customers were a bunch of farmers. I was telling my wife how it felt pretty good there, when this woman walked in. I immediately said to my wife that she had a cell phone. At that point, she whipped it out of her bag and started yakking on it. Later we checked and she was in fact the only person in this cafe to have a cell phone.

At any rate, I finally realized that I could not stay in this log house forever and when I felt that I was healthy enough to travel, I took off on a trip looking for a new place to live. I finally chose Yunnan Province in China. The air is relatively clean and the weather is quite pleasant. However, the Chinese people are completely addicted to their cell phones, so I see this as only a temporary place to live. So while it is still radiated here, it is much better than Japan, which must be one of the most electropolluted countries in the world.

When did you learn about the adverse health effects caused by microwave technology?

I had been sick and searching for answers for about six months and trying all kinds of treatments (e.g. Vitamin C and Salt, Whey Powder, etc.). I had finally read of an account of a person with CFS/ME and Crohn’s Disease who had been keeping a journal on a website of his ordeal. His last entry stated that when he had moved to his parent’s house in the French countryside, all his symptoms had disappeared and that the cause of his problems had been extremely high levels of ambient electromagnetic radiation in his apartment in a European city where he had been living. Around this time, I had also gone to visit an alternative Japanese doctor by the name of Dr. Yayama in Yamato City in Saga Prefecture. I was surprised to see that in his pamphlet it clearly stated that disease was caused by five factors: (1) one’s genes, (2) metal toxicity, (3) chemical toxicity, (4) pathogens, and yes (5) exposure to Electromagnetic Radiation (EMR). On the ride home from his office that day, I suddenly noticed the microwave towers all over the place.

A search on the Internet showed that the symptoms and abnormalities found in Microwave Sickness are remarkably identical to those found in Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.

I also noticed that I felt better at night (when people are not using their cell phones) as the majority of people with CFS/ME do. Additionally, I noticed that I would get these indescribable anxiety attacks at specific times of the day, which I was able to correlate with peak cell-phone usage time in Japan. Finally, I had noticed that in going to specific places that I would feel much better. I later realized that this was indeed because these places had less of this electrosmog. There is even a Yahoo Group called CFS/ME/CFIDS: Feel Great Destinations, formed by people who have found that when they leave a Western country to some third-world country, that their CFS symptoms disappear.

Scientists Add Kidney Damage To The List of Mobile Phone Ills Part 2


‘We are still very much investigating the biological consequences of mobile phones. But there certainly seems to be enough laboratory studies now saying there are effects, to be very concerned,’ said a spokesman.

Last month, scientists at Sweden’s Lund University found that two minutes of exposure to emissions from mobile phones can disable a safety barrier in the blood causing proteins and toxins to leak into the brain.
This can increase the chances of developing diseases such as Alzheimer’s, multiple sclerosis and Parkinson’s.

The Federation of the Electronics Industry yesterday repeated its claim that there was no conclusive proof that the phones were a health hazard. A spokesman said mobiles operated within strict guidelines on radiation emissions. ‘The consensus of scientific opinion is that there is no consistent evidence that mobile phones operating within these guidelines have any adverse health effects,’ he said

Scientists Add Kidney Damage To The List of Mobile Phone Ills Part 1

Mobile phones were at the centre of a new health scare last night after claims they can seriously damage the heart and kidneys.

Earlier reports have already linked their use to brain tumours, headaches and premature ageing. Now scientists sat exposure to the phones’ low-level radiation causes red blood cells to leak haemoglobin. The build-up of haemoglobin, which carries oxygen around the body, can lead to heart disease and kidney stones.

The findings will heighten alarm over the safety of mobile phones which are used by more than 13 million people in Britain. In the latest research, scientists exposed samples of blood to varying degrees of microwave radiation for periods between ten to 60 hours.

Even at lower levels than those emitted by mobile phones, the cells leaked haemoglobin. Professor Edward Tuddenham, a haemotologist at the Imperial College Medical School based in Hammersmith Hospital, West London, said the findings were worrying and he wanted to see the study followed up. ‘The accumulation of haemoglobin in the body could result in heart disease or kidney stones,’ he warned.

The Department of Health said yesterday that the new study – carried out at the European Research Institute for Electronic Components in Bucharest – would be examined by a Government-appointed committee due to report on phone safety next year.

However, the Cambridge based consumer group Powerwatch said with evidence of the risks growing the government needed to do more.

Calling in the Car Increases Risk of Cancer

The Belgian Cancer Foundation echoes the warnings emanating from the World Health Organisation.
The Belgian Foundation against Cancer warns that intensive use of a mobile phone can increase the risk of contracting cancer in certain situations.

The Belgian Cancer Foundation has picked up on the concerns of the World Health Organisation regarding mobile phones. “The first results of an international interphone study are quite alarming,” writes the Foundation on its website. Although the results of the study are not yet definitive the Foundation says there is definitely reason for concern.

To limit the risk of exposing yourself to an increased chance of contracting cancer the Belgian Cancer Foundation gives a number of tips including: children younger than 12 should not use a mobile phone; using a mobile phone as an alarm clock is not desirable because the phone is in close proximity to the head the entire night.

The Cancer Foundation also strongly advises people not to use a mobile phone in the car or train because the intensity of the signal from the antenna masts is stronger.

This is the first time the Belgian Foundation Against Cancer has openly advising people of the danger of using mobile telephones.

Cell Phones More Dangerous Than Cigarettes! Part 3

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The Bioinitiative Group has produced a report called: A Rationale for a Biologically-based Public Exposure Standard for Electromagnetic Fields (ELF and RF ((Radio Frequency))). In that report, evidence for childhood leukemia caused by exposure to power lines is addressed as well as the issue of gliomas and acoustic neuromas caused by cell phone and cordless phone use. They state, In summary we conclude that our review yielded a consistent pattern of an increased risk for acoustic neuroma and glioma after 10 (or more) years mobile phone use. We conclude that (the) current
standard for exposure to microwaves during mobile phone use is not safe for long-term brain tumor risk and needs to be revised.

The report further states, The existing FCC and international limits for public and occupational exposure to electromagnetic fields and radiofrequency radiation are not protective of public health. New biologically based public and occupational exposures are recommended to address bioeffects and potential adverse health effects of chronic exposure. These effects are now widely reported to occur at exposure levels
significantly below most current national and international limits.

It therefore behests our scientific societies to address this issue. There is one caveat; that is, only one group, Hardell et al, have carried out actual studies pertaining to the issue and found a clear relationship between brain tumors and ELF. No other long-term studies have been carried out; Dr Khurana’s warning is based on a review of literature only. It seems that a cooperative effort by both the scientific community and state governing bodies will be needed. Some spearhead is now necessary in view of the magnitude and seriousness of the situation.

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Cell Phones More Dangerous Than Cigarettes! Part 2

Obviously, exposure to ELF by cell phone use in the young might even pose a greater threat because the changes caused by such exposure might well be greater in the developing brain. However, it does not end there.
Other reports by Hardell et al indicate that the use of wireless handsets in cordless home phones poses the same risk as cell phones.

It should be true, if the forgoing findings are accurate, that there has been an increase in the incidence of brain tumors over the last 25 years or so. There are a number of published reports on the topic indicating a definite increase in the incidence of brain tumors, particularly malignant forms such as glioblastoma multiforme.

Although some studies indicate a stable tumor rate including during the years after cell phone introduction. An increase in nerve sheath tumors has also been reported. The statistical increase of tumors found in these studies are somewhat modified, in some authors’ opinions, because of the improved technology of diagnostic imaging, especially computed tomography and magnetic resonance imaging, both introduced and advanced in the same era. However, the fact is that the incidence of gliomas, especially the more malignant varieties, is increasing based on the now numerous reports warrants action on the issue.

Hardell and his colleagues, along with other scientists, have formed the Bioinitiative Working Group, which appears to be a spin-off of another group, the Bioelectromagnetics Society. The mission of the Bioelectromagnetics Society, as posted on their Web site, is to be the international resource for excellence in scientific research, knowledge, and understanding of the interaction of electromagnetic fields with biological systems.

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