Portsmouth Herald Editorial: What of the cell phone user who opposes towers?

Are we hypocrites to oppose cell phone towers in our neighborhoods if we use a cell phone? The big question I have with that is, has anyone ever proved that these towers are safe? Has anyone ever tested these towers? Has anyone ever tested these cell phones? I can tell you the answers to both of these questions and it is, YES. The cell phone companies will tell you that they are perfectly safe and there is nothing to worry about. Studies that have been conducted in the last 10-15 years are producing results proving that these towers and phones are extremely dangerous to our families’ health. This blog will report on these findings as a regular part of it’s content. If you do not want to wait and want information about these studies now, please contact me at 808.281.1016 or email me at breatheasy7000@yahoo.com. If you knew that cell phones and towers could have carcinagenic effects upon your body would you let your children use them? Would you use them? Would you allow cell towers to go up in your neighborhoods?
Portsmouth Herald Editorial: What of the cell phone user who opposes towers?

Cell Tower Go Up And They Don’t Come Down!

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us Once the cell towers go up they don’t come down. This is a classic story of what you can be sure will be happenning frequently in the future to our landscapes. Property values diminishing as a result of these huge metal environmental atrocities. Read below and do your best not to let this happen in your area. In upcoming articles we will be talking about what you can do to stop this.

Cell Tower Alternatives Limited – from TBO.com


Thermographic Imaging pictures shows:
Dangerous Radiation:

Your head and brain heat up significantly when you talk on your cell phone or cordless phone. Want proof? After 15 minutes of using a cell phone, the orange, red and pink show significant dangerous heat! Most heat is generated in your ear canal, which is directly connected to your brain!

After 15 minutes of using a cell-phone with the BIOPRO Harmonization Chips applied to it, the green and blue color show cool tissue! Your head’s temperature remains normal, providing you with the protection you deserve!
To find out how to make it safer to speak on your phone Go to http://www.danger911.com

Cell Tower Lease Consulting

I think I have heard it all now. If you read my recent article Cell Phone Towers Are Cash Cows and Big Business. This article is for you. Cell Tower Lease Consulting and Due Diligence if they haven’t thought of everything. Researching the internet is an eye opening experience you can find a little of everything. If you have a cell tower lease or don’t have one yet and want to due your due diligence these are the guys for you or so the say. What I would say is if you have a cell tower that you have purchased or one in your area have these guys help you renegotiate your way out of your lease.
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