Are there more reasons than we know about why cell towers are being placed around the world?

Cell Phone Towers are appearing across the globe in droves and droves. Are these towers safe? Have they been tested for safety? Why can you hold a flourescent light tube up to them without them being connected to anything and have the tube light up? Leukemia, cancer, neurological diseases these are all concerns of the past 25 years over power lines. Court cases have been fought over the topic of telephone power lines strung throughout the atmosphere. Neighborhoods have banded togethor to prevent the placing of these power lines and towers. What does the future hold for us when the world becomes wirless and these new, non-tested towers appear across the globe? Are we going to need to protect ourselves? Are we going to be able to? This article below shows pictures of various cell phone towers and ways they are being used as weapons and how to protect yourself from them.
Cell Phone Towers

40 Billion Dollar Insustry Fails To Prove Cell Phone Saftety!

Facts suggest that cell phones are a pre-cursor to cancer. “There are over 500 pages of international, documented studies that prove the dangers of cell phones and no independent studies to prove their safety.” I have been researching cell phone dangers for close to 10 years. I became extremely alarmed when a friend of 7 years had the side of his face swell up like a melon only to find out later that it was a tumor on the side of his head. The same side he had used his cell phone on for over 15 years.” Being a detective and researcher I started to look at the history of cell phones and research studies to prove their safety. What did I find?
In 1993, CNN’s Larry King Live exposed the cell phone industry and alarmed the world by hosting guest Dave Reynard. He had recently lost his wife, Susan, to a fatal brain tumor on the side of her head the same shape and size of a cell phone antenna. The cell phone industry acted instantaneously to put out the fire, pouring 25 million dollars and 6 years of research conducted by their own scientist, Dr. George Carlo to prove that cell phones are safe for everyday use. Dr. Carlo found genetic destruction in rats that was irreparable after 2 hours. Acoustic neuromas (Tumors of the auditory nerve) were found to be 50% higher in people who used cell phone for 6 years or more. A fellow scientist, Dr Singh, found in 1997 double strand breakages in live rat brains after 2 hours of low level exposure to both pulsed (digital) and older analog phones. Double strand breaks create serious genetic alteration of the DNA strands and can lead to cancer, cell death and mutagenic defects.
Solutions to these problems are needed now, “as a society we are not going to give up our cell, cordless phones, computers, gameboys, etc…” In researching product after product without success, by chance he discovered a technology with over 20 years of research that neutralizes the radiation that comes from our electronic devices, making them harmless to our bodies. People are saying, “I used to get headaches when using the cell phone,” now I feel relief,” “My hand used to get numb when holding the phone.” This technology will enable the current generation to use their electronic gadgets safely, with peace of mind. I leaves you with, “If you are going to leave your health in the hands of another tobacco industry scandal, I wish you luck. If you want to protect yourself and your family, call me at my home office (808) 281-1016 before it is too late.” How the Technology Works (10 min. audio)
Thermography Study (shows how brain heats up on cell phone)