17 Reasons Why to Minimize Cell Phone Radiation and Help Reduce Exposure Risks Part 3

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17 Reasons Why to Minimize Cell Phone Radiation and Help Reduce Exposure Risks Part 1


11. Pay attention to the signal bars on the cell phone display. Don’t use the cell phone when the signal is weak. The weaker the signal the more power required to maintain the connection. Preferably, only use cell phones in open areas.

12. Keep laptops away from the body and don’t operate a laptop while it rests on the lap. Sit back from computer monitors and screens as much as possible.

13. Keep all electronic devices like alarm clocks, radios and cordless phones at least six feet away from your head during sleep.

14. Avoid waterbeds, electric blankets and metal bed frames.

15. Use a gaussmeter to measure the electrical field inside electrically-powered automobiles. Large electrical cables often run directly under the driver’s seat.

16. Encourage use of fiber optic cable in place of wireless networks in your local

17. Wear a personal protection device to strengthen your body’s biofield and increase your resistance to the radiation around you 18. Install intervention technologies and prevention technologies that will “camouflage” or disguise the Information-Carrying Radio Wave from being detected by the body. These should be installed on all electrical and electronic devices, electrical circuits, appliances, cell phones and cordless phones in your home, office and business areas.

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