14 Ways You Can Reduce Cell Phone Radiation



The following list is sorted from lowest cost/easiest to the highest cost /hardest solution.
You should try to achieve at least a 10X reduction in cell phone Radio Frequency Radiation.
The solutions multiply, so a 2X and 5X would be reduce RF by 10X

• Use a speaker phone. Many speakerphones now sound good. 5X-100X
The use of a speakerphone keeps the cell phone a long way from your brain and body
Note: sometimes use of a speakerphone will bother those around you.

• Alternate which ear you listen to the cell phone with.
This, by itself, will reduce the radiation to each side of your head by 2X

• Reduce the total amount of time using the cell phone.
Use wired or cordless phone for long conversations. 2X – 20X
Note: Cordless phones made since about 2001 put out much less radiation
Note: Can use call forward on virtually all cell phones:*72NumberToCall to start, *73 to stop

• Minimize use of your cell phone where you have weak signals: possible areas include: rural, in house, in car,….
Cell Phone power level/radiation level can be 100X stronger when you have weak signals (one bar or no bar) – the cell phone has to shout!. 2X-10X

• Change network/provider if you can determine that the new provider has a much stronger cell signal in your house -so that the cell phone will no longer have to shout.
3X? – 100X? Also reduces dropouts and dropped calls. Note: The new provider may require a different cell phone.
http://www.wirelessadvisor.com/ quick way to find providers in your area code

• Use a headset. 5X – 20X cost $10 to $50
Some headsets claim noise rejection. They cost $30 – $100

You may want to use the Airtube Bluetube Headset Technology.
you may want to use a clamp-on RF choke/ferrite bead which is put around the headset wire
such as at http://www.mercola.com/forms/ferrite_beads.htm

• Buy a cell phone with a very low SAR rating 2X – 10X cost $0 to $100
A cell phone with a SAR of 0.5 has 2X less RF than a SAR of 1.0.
http://www.sarvalues.com/usa-complete.html SAR info – US and UK
http://stanford.wellsphere.com/wellmix360/cell-phone-sar SAR info US

• Use cell phone with an external antenna connector to reduce dropouts and dropped calls. 30X. Cost $20 -$300.
If your signal level is not too low you might be able to use an antenna inside your home.
Note: This external connection tethers you to a wire while in the home.

• Wear a Bluetooth device on your ear or over your head. 5X-20X Cost $50 to $200
Provides hands-free (but not distraction-free) driving, which is now required in most states.
Bluetooth with noise rejection also greatly reduces background noise for your listener.
Top noise canceling models (fall 2008) Motopure and Jawbone II both cost about $100.
Note1: Some BlueTooth devices cannot be put on quickly enough to answer an incoming call.
Note2: Bluetooth conversations are not as private as with cell, but Bluetooth conversations are probably more private than those using speakerphones.

• Buy a new product called a femtocell for your home. 20X? Cost approx. $100 + $4 per month
This greatly increases the cell signal strength in your home so your cell phone does not have to shout..
Shares DSL internet connection with WiFi.
This solution assumes that most of your cell phone usage is in your home.
Femtocell will eliminate dropouts/dropped calls around the house.
May produce RF all of the time – I do not know.

• Buy a cell phone signal amplifier or repeater. 20X? Cost $100-$400
This wireless solution which assumes that you have good cell signal outside of your house.
Nextivity is one that may be available to buy through your provider in 2009
This assumes that the majority of your cell phone hours are in your home.
Also reduces dropouts and dropped calls. May produce RF all of the time – I do not know.

• Change the relationship between your cell phone and your head occasionally (angle, height, tilt, rotation, etc.) 2X – 5X
You want to reduce the amount of RF to specific parts of your body. RF is not like nuclear radiation where you are concerned about total body dose.

• It appears that many SmartPhones, Touchscreen phones, and some recent cell phones use broadband EVDO for voice calls, not just data. 2X – 10X – where EVDO is available .
Cost $100 to $500. EVDO tends to need less RF as it uses more efficient modulation (weaker signal can be used).
Should reduce dropouts and dropped calls. Provider may charge extra per month for its use.

• Some Cell Phone and RF hazard links include
http://www.powerwatch.org.uk/ Cell phone, WiFi, Power Lines, etc,
http://www.fcc.gov/cgb/sar/ FCC
http://www.bluetruth.com/ one of many suppliers of bluetooth devices: over-ear and over-head
http://www.cellreception.com/towers/ Map of cell phone towers near you (US)
http://www.phonescoop.com/phones/finder.php Can select between 93 features.

You can edit your search, so do not need to re-enter the features wanted each time.
Does not have reception quality – I do not know of any web site which does, either.

Cell phone repeater store with variety of products
Cell phone bars are very misleading, vary between cell phones, and the display is typically infrequently updated.
I suggest that you make a dummy/free call every time you want to get an updated view of the cell phone signal level.
More on cell bars: http://arstechnica.com/articles/paedia/cell-bars-reception.ars

Cell Tower Protection

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Anti-Radiation Air-tube Headset

EMF Harmonization Products

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