11 Reasons and Tips on Why Are Electromagnetic Fields Dangerous? Part 4

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8. Keep your laptop off your lap
Curling up on the couch with your laptop may be convenient, but EMF experts recommend against it. Many laptops produce a strong electromagnetic field, especially when you use one while it’s plugged into an outlet (that means the battery is charging close to where your hands are). You’re better off unplugging and using the laptop on battery power, then staying away from it while it recharges.

9. Unplug what you’re not using
If your kitchen counter is cluttered with a coffeepot, slow cooker, food processor, or other convenient culinary appliances, keep them unplugged whenever you’re not currently using them. Same goes for alarm clocks, lamps, iPod chargers and other various devices around your home. Anything plugged into an electrical outlet—even a lamp—emits an EMF; if unplugged, it will not.

10. Think LCD over plasma
When it’s time to upgrade your TV, choose an LCD (liquid crystal display) instead of plasma or the old CRT (cathode ray tube) models. LCDs emit much less radiation, and plasmas can give off transient pollution on your electrical wiring.

11. Get your home tested
If you suspect that your home has high-EMF fields, check if your utility company conducts a room-by-room survey. It’s usually free. Hot spots can be completely shielded with special coverings. If you discover high levels of dirty electricity, consider installing filters (capacitors) that plug into electrical outlets

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