100 cancer cases caused by Mobile Phone Masts ? Part 1

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The school that is cursed

A mobile phone mast installed on school property might be the cause of more than 100 cancer cases among the students and staff.

Fear! Fear of cancer, fear of death, and the daily fear of finding another case among the pupils. Every morning, the fear of disease that might affect the person next to you because of the phone mast that has still not been removed …

Two children ill, one dead and more than 100 people suffering from various kinds of cancer, all in a short space of time – a tally that shows something is dreadfully wrong.

So much so that even the doctors in the main hospital in Seville are surprised, and ask each new patient if they live anywhere near the phone mast in Brenes.

All the people affected blame the mobile phone antennas on the mast that was installed in the playground of the Manuel de Falla school in the town of Vega del Guadalquivir.

Two pupils in the school now have cancer, one in the eye and another in the thyroid, and another child died suddenly, with no explanation from anyone being given to the family.

A young woman who came to the school for work training has just been diagnosed with lymphatic cancer.
In total there are more than one hundred cases of cancer among the pupils, the teachers, the domestic staff and the residents living nearby.

Melville, Victoria
Blue Mountains, Australia
Tanzania, Dar es Salaam
Benin, Porto-Novo
Suriname, Paramaribo
Madison, Wisconsin
Hampton, Virginia
Iraq, Baghdad
Lafayette, Louisiana
West Jordan, Utah

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Cancer cases caused by Mobile Phone Masts

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