10 Tips To Protect You From Cell Phone, Computer, Wi-Fi Radiation Part 2

Cell Phone Radiation Protection, Wi-Fi Radiation


Protection Against Cell Phone Radiation

Cell phone Radiation Protection

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If you’re not ready to completely get rid of wireless stuff, you can at least reduce your family’s radiation by:

• Tell your family to try to not use their cell phone: Turn your cell phone off, then just turn it on to check messages or make a quick call, then turn it back off. Keep it for emergencies. As long as your cell phone is on, it emits radiation continually (to you and everyone within 10 feet of you), even when you are not actually making a call.

• Children Should NEVER Use Cell Phones: Unless someone is dying, children should not use a cell phone, or a wireless device of any type. Children are more damaged by cell phone radiation than adults because of our thinner skull bones, more water in our heads and our small size – we’re like antennas.

• Use a corded phone at home and at work (you know, the older phones with twirly cords between the handset and the phone where you dial?). Remember that cordless phones can have even stronger radiation than cell phones – so don’t have one in your house! When we go to our grandparent’s house, we make them unplug their cordless phone.

• If you must use a cordless phone, use the older kind that operates at 900 MHz. They are not safer during calls, but at least many of them do not broadcast constantly even when no call is being made. Also, make sure there are at least three rooms between the base station (where the phone rests and recharges) and where you sleep and spend most of the time in the day.

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