10 Tips To Protect You From Cell Phone, Computer, Wi-Fi Radiation Part 1

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Protection Against Cell Phone Radiation

Cell phone radiation protection

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Kids brain cancers in Australia have already gone up 21 percent in just 10 years. Other studies show there’s 40 percent more brain tumors in Europe and the U.K., in the last 20 years.

Brain cancer is now higher than leukemia as the number one cancer killer in children … what else are we waiting for to take action?

There are two ways you can protect yourself or at least help your body to fix the damage. These are things you can do to make your cells and immune system strong and things you can do to have less radiation in your life.

Make Your Immune System Stronger:

1. You have to eat really well to make your body strong enough to fight the effects of radiation. Eat a healthy diet – this means eat fresh organic fruit and vegetables every day.

2. Eat organic meat that has not been fed drugs like hormones or antibiotics and from animals that are outside in fresh air and pasture. Do not eat farmed fish.

3. Drink a LOT of good quality filtered water. Use glass and ceramic clay mugs, glasses, water bottles, etc. You need a lot of good clean water to detox your body. Divide your body weight by two. This is the number of ounces of water per day a normal healthy person should drink.

4. Take a high-quality (food-based, not synthetic) multi-vitamin/multi-mineral product daily. And take probiotics daily if you can, but at least 3 times a week – we take Natren brand because it is the best one.

5. Take extra antioxidants (like Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Vitamin A, Selenium, Pycnogenol, Grape Seed Extract) daily to stop free radicals produced by EMR (electromagnetic radiation).

6. Take Omega-3 oils such as Fish Oil daily. Minimum dose is 3000mg per day. We take Nordic Naturals Cod Liver Oil every day along with our Carlson Vitamin D3.

7. Take melatonin 2-4mg in a sublingual form (under your tongue) before bedtime.

8. Exercise 5 days a week for at least 20 minutes long.

9. Don’t use synthetic chemicals, solvents, cleaners or make-up. These products are loaded with harmful chemicals that are damaging to the body. Also make sure your parents don’t use pesticides and insecticide chemicals in your house or garden.

10. Exercise as much as you can as this will strengthen your body and flush toxins better than anything.

By eating healthy, exercising, and taking extra supplements, your immune system will be strengthened. This will minimize the damaging effects of EMR (electromagnetic radiation) and cell phone radiation exposure. Healthy eating and drinking lots of water will also allow for quicker repair of damage already done.
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