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   The Smart-Meter Racket Part 2


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Smart Meter Problems

Smart Meter Radiation Shield

Yet, in spite of the demonstrably dubious safety of smart meters, the CPUC has conspired with Southern California Edison (SCE) to tell households like mine who have already suffered a more than 80% cancer rate among its occupants, none of whom share a blood line, that we have to “pay or else” in order to keep additional carcinogenic factors – smart meters – out of our homes. How is this any different than paying protection to the mob so your legs don’t get broken just for the “privilege” of living in a mobbed-up neighborhood?

For years there have existed systems that homeowners could install themselves to monitor their energy usage in real-time, and even maintain their data online, if they so chose, using existing networks with no increase in EMR exposure. But the user, not her next door neighbor who was not “benefiting” from this hardware, software, and service upgrade, was the one who paid for it. Such a “free market” model should apply here. If a user wants to “opt-in” to the new hardware, software, services etc. of a smart meter, then that opting-in user should bear the cost – not we who want no change to our service as it has existed for decades! And certainly, we should not be forced to accept or pay a penalty for an “upgrade” in service that has not been proven safe due to a waiver of environmental, health, and security-study analysis the CPUC granted when bending over backward to do SCE’s bidding in this matter.

The fact that the CPUC approved Smart Meter installation without safety and security studies lead many to believe that the CPUC is no longer functioning as a guardian of citizens subjected to state-mandated monopolies for area utility services. When the CPUC then mandated to push the costs of upgrading onto those who clearly did not want it, and who would not in a free market model choose to upgrade, it was further proof that the CPUC is a utility-company advocate and consumer adversary. Even considering a further near 300% increase in “opt-out cost” recovery fees speaks to this perversion of the CPUC’s consumer-protection responsibility.

The fact that the CPUC, regardless of the amount and strength of consumer objection, will likely grant this increased level of punitive extortion against those who simply want to protect their own health is proof beyond a reasonable doubt that the CPUC is a utility advocate rather than a consumer protection regulatory agency, and one more example of “the best government corporate money can buy.”


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