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   The Smart-Meter Racket Part 1


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Smart Meter Problems

Smart Meter Radiation Shield

Smart meter “opt-out cost” is a term that, to anyone of moderate intelligence, is an absurdity as well as an insult to customers who, by law, have no choice in being subjugated to the service-provider floating this nonsense.

1. There is no cost to maintain the services using existing equipment that analog-meter users have had for decades. Those costs have already been accounted for in the electric rates that they pay. Updated recording, accounting, and account management is not required, nor is there any new equipment required to continue using the analog meter service.

2. All costs associated with smart meters are due to smart-meter installation, not opt-out customers. This new regime has costs for:

a. The smart meters themselves.

b. The new wireless infrastructure to transmit smart meter readings to a central location.

c. The development of new software for billing and account management.

d. The development of new software for customer “smart monitoring” of their electricity usage.

e. The on-going expense of never-ending development of online security for users accounts, new wireless networks, and smart meters themselves (all of which have been shown to be vulnerable to hacking).

The smart meter opt-out fees are in essence a Mafia style extortion/protection racket sanctioned by the California Public Utility Commission (CPUC). It is clear that consumers have been alerted to the dangers and ill-health effects associated with smart meters for years. Experiences and studies from Europe, Australia, and other locales in North America have shown that the utility companies regularly misstate the amount of radiation given off by the meters, the transmitters used in the meter data-collection networks, and the amount of time the meters spend transmitting data. These misstatements of quantitative measurable phenomena are not merely by a few percent but buy many orders of magnitude. The actual values often exceed the Federal Communication Commission (FCC) published safety levels for electromagnetic radiation exposure. (Reference Santa Barbara-based Sage Associates’ “Assessment of Radio frequency Microwave Radiation Emissions from Smart Meters” report at http://sagereports.com/smart-meter-rf/ for but one of many indictments of smart meter safety.)


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