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  Wireless Radiation Guidelines for Cell Phones, Cell Tower Radiation Part 3

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The biological effects of EMF exposure (depending of reaction intensity) can be divided into several categories: perception, adaptation, compensation, reparative regeneration, pathology. Each step of reaction can be characterized by its own threshold EM values of intensity and development times. The magnitude of an effect grows not only with the exposure intensity but also with the exposure time. Progressing through stages of reactions to EMF exposure of various intensities, it is possible to define a range of outcomes...”2 Russia’s RFR exposure standard is 10 W/cmstandard used in the U.S. compared to the 1,000 W/cm2

Below are excerpts from Wolfgang Scherer’s report on the cumulative exposure to RFR and the need for new exposure standards: http://www.reach.net/~scherer/p/biofx.htm
“…To be useful exposure standards have to give a peak limit and a dosage limit. The power we get from our utility is measured in Kilo-Watt-Hour, a unit used to measure accumulated power consumption over a time period. A unit for accumulated exposure to radiofrequency radiation should be established in the same manner, for example mWh/cm2. If we use the exposure rates allowed by [Canadian] Safety Code 6 we get as an accumulated dose 1 mWh/cm2for one hour but 0.4 mWh/cm2 for a minute…science has yet to come up with a dose that can be endured without damage, setting a radiation level that can be considered safe for permanent exposure…

From the allowable occupational exposure it could be calculated that by multiplying this number with 8 hours of a work shift, an allowable dose of 8 mWh/cm2 per day could be established. But this would then only be valid for an 8-hour work shift with a 16-hour recovery period and would establish an occupational exposure level only.

A further linear reduction to 0.3 mW/cm2 as a permanent exposure rate causing the same dose over a 24-hour period is merely a mathematical exercise and does not address accumulation with no recovery period. More problematic if that exposure is not occupational but involuntary.”

Our genetic, chemical, piezoelectric and resonant variation all factor into how much energy is absorbed upon EMF/RF exposure. The rate that we can release energy (heat) also varies between individuals. These varying factors mean that we do not absorb EMF/RF equally and we do not release the energy equally. Our exposure guidelines need to take in these factors as well as the cumulative effect from EMF/RFR exposure.

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