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  Wireless Radiation Guidelines for Cell Phones, Cell Tower Radiation Part 2

Cordless Phones Health Risks

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Cell Phone Tower Radiation

While most people want wireless communications, the siting of transmitters needs to be based on minimizing harm. If there will be children or homes close to the antennas these people are more susceptible to harm from RFR exposure as chronic long-term exposure leads to cumulative damage and the development of electrohypersensitivty and children’s smaller bodies absorb more radiation.* In addition, wildlife, with bees in particular, may have their navigational abilities interfered with due to RFR exposure.

*Lai and Singh confirmed in 1997 that EMF exposure has cumulative effects.
The report, Merger of Two Different Dosimetry Rationales - August 2009, out of Russia, compares the two approaches to establishing exposure guidelines. It says:

(Access the html version here - http://tiny.cc/2CIgv )
“…One approach is based on the measure or estimate of specific absorption rate [SAR used in the U.S.], which is the power absorbed per unit weight of an object. The other relies on the measure of the time integrated radiofrequency power density incident on an object. [Cumulative biological effects used in Russia.]…

…the Russian Federation exposure limits are founded on chronic biological effects caused by non thermal EMF exposures; the effects were investigated using behavioral, electrophysiological, hematological and biochemical methods...

Wollongong, Australia
Benin, Porto-Novo
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Guinea, Conakry
Baltimore, Maryland
Nedlands Victoria Australia
Al Ghabah, United Arab Emirates, Al Ghabah, UAE


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