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Perhaps the most moving testimony at the hearings came from Rodney Palmer, spokesman for the Simcoe Safe School Committee. In Ontario's Simcoe County, kids in at least 14 schools have become ill since the schools installed Wi-Fi, beginning in 2006. Palmer described their symptoms - speeding heart rate, fatigue, headaches - and said that two kids have "had cardiac arrests" and are on heart medication. "Now every school in Simcoe County has its own defibrillator, as though teenage heart attacks are normal."

The co-editor of The BioInitiative Report recently told Harper's Magazine (May 2010), "If EMFs function both as a carcinogen and a neurotoxin, then it's not just brain tumours and brain cancers" that could result, "it's also testicular cancer, breast cancer, leukemia, lymphoma, Alzheimer's, Parkinson's and a range of cognitive and behavioural problems."

The UK's Dr. Andrew Goldsworthy told the Parliamentary Committee that microwave radiation disrupts bird migration and "probably causes colony collapse disorder in bees." Recent research from Europe has shown that bees exposed to EMR from cellular towers made 21% less honeycomb and more than one-third, taken a half-mile from the hive, couldn't navigate back home.

The electromagnetic spectrum is actually a part of the Commons - as much a public resource as the air, water, and public forests. While our governments have been privatizing the spectrum by auctioning off chunks of it to the wireless industries, it remains our resource and should be under the public's control. Now, there is a growing public movement worldwide to have a say in the use of that spectrum and the EMR pollution that is resulting in "the microwave life".

Taking Wi-Fi Out of Schools
As a first step, many parents across Canada are questioning the need for Wi-Fi in schools, when the same Internet capabilities are available through hard-wired modem or fibre optics. As Rodney Palmer told the Parliamentary Committee, children in schools with Wi-Fi are exposed to microwave radiation for "six hours a day, five days a week, for fourteen years," a form of "experiment without consent".

The excellent website of EMR Health Alliance of BC (www.emrabc.ca) has posted a letter that Kristin Cassie, Principal of Roots and Wings Montessori Place in Surrey BC, wrote to the Parliamentary Committee. In it, Cassie explained why she "removed all wireless technology from our school and banned the use of cell phones within our building," adding that it was "not a major change" to hard-wire all computers. "We have advanced technology without any of the dangers of wireless radiowaves."

In autumn 2010, a public elementary school in Meaford, Ontario became the first public school in Canada to shut down wireless internet. Parents at Lucerne School in New Denver, BC, have also chosen to keep hardwired computer systems, rather than join the Wi-Fi bandwagon. The New Denver Parent Children's Association has issued a statement saying, "We encourage other parents to look into the increasingly evident side effects of wireless routers and [wireless] computers, particularly to children whose bodies and brains are still developing.

School District 61 in Victoria, BC has voted to form a committee to investigate the potential health threats posed by Wi-Fi and to report to the Board by spring 2011.
Lakehead University in Peterborough, Ont. has banned Wi-Fi on its campus and uses fibre optic cable for Internet access.

Canadian schools take health issues seriously, having taken steps for asbestos removal and making schools smoke-free and nut-free. Trent University professor Dr. Magda Havas, an environmental biologist and expert in microwave radiation issues, argues that schools should also be "radiation-free" because "as many as 260,000 students (5%) across Canada may be adversely affected by this radiation - without even knowing it" (at least at first). Short term effects of EMR pollution include headaches, fatigue, dizziness, insomnia, irritability, depression, and suppressed immune function.

Wireless Radiation Addiction and how to Protect Yourself Part 1

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