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According to Melinda Wenner in the Walrus, "Accounts from a handful of well-respected scientists suggest that since the mid-1990s wireless companies have been doing their best to bury worrying findings, discredit researchers who publish them, and design experiments that virtually guarantee the desired results. “Biological effects are undoubtedly there, no question, and it’s a canard to suggest that they’re not,” says Abe Liboff, a research professor at Florida Atlantic University, and co-editor of the journal Electromagnetic Biology and Medicine. The cellphone industry, he insists, “will use any excuse to avoid the truth.”

In the 90s did it's best to bury the research of Henry Lai and N. P. Singh which showed that radio frequency fields similar to those emitted by cellphones damaged rats’ brain cells, and even sent out a congratulatory memo saying “I think that we have sufficiently war-gamed the Lai-Singh issue."

The danger of brain cancer appears to be directly related to the length of time one uses a cellphone. “There’s no indication, for people who use their phones for less than ten years, of an association between mobile phone use and these particular cancers,” says Lawrie Challis, former chairman of the UK’s Mobile Telecommunications and Health Research Programme. But “knowing what happens in the short term tells you nothing about what happens in the long term.”

Liverpool, Australia
Kiribati, South Tarawa
Ecuador, Quito
Queanbeyan, Australia
Glendale, Arizona, USA
Cambodia, Phnom Penh
Austria, Vienna
Brazil, Brasilia
Haiti, Port-au-Prince,
Central African Republic, Bangui


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