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Why an Air tube Headset Is An Effective Way To Protect Yourself From Wireless Radiation

People are exposed to electromagnetic fields of radiation every time they use a cell phone.  Cell phone masts produce electromagnetic field radiation throughout the day and people live right next door to them, and drive past them each day while running errands or while headed to work.  People are exposed to wireless radiation at home when the microwave oven is in use, and through the wireless transmissions of their personal computer network hookups and their satellite dish.  Wireless technologies expose people to electromagnetic fields of radiation while they are at work.  The brain is directly exposed to electromagnetic radiation every time someone talks on a cellular telephone. 

Airtube headsets are an effective way that people can protect their head region from exposure to wireless radiation while making cell phone calls.  The unique characteristics of the blue tube on the airtube headset allow cell phone users to use sounds waves while making calls, instead of the usual electrical waves that are so harmful to the eardrum.  People that use cell phones everyday are at great risk for being afflicted with an acoustic neuroma, which is a tumor of the inner eardrum.  Considering how close this area is to the brain, people can reduce wireless radiation exposure by up to 50 percent, when an airtube headset is used. 

People might not be aware of how much wireless radiation exposure they are exposed to everyday with cell phone use.  A British Consumer Research magazine shows that a wireless headset attracts 3.5 times more radiation directly to the brain.  This wireless radiation research monitored people that used 500 minutes of cell phone time each month, with wireless headsets in use at all times.  With this type of exposure to wireless radiation, people increased the chances of getting an acoustic neuroma by fifty percent.  Imagine the possibilities for more damage to occur if more cell phone minutes were used each month, which is a common occurrence. 

Airtube headsets allow people to direct wireless radiation away from their brain and other body parts.  These communication devices are fitted with a generous coiled cord that allows free movement of the head while it is worn, and the airtube head offers a good length of blue tubing, which allows people to place the cell phone beside them on the seat or other areas of the car while driving.  The airtube headset is a hands-free communication device that people can use to protect themselves from wireless radiation by being able to remove the cell phone from their body while it is in use.  The quality of communications while wearing an airtube headset is not affected in any way. 

Airtube headsets protect users by reducing 98 percent of the electromagnetic fields that are commonly found with wireless headset usage.   Electromagnetic field radiation surrounds us everyday through the cell phone masts that are erected throughout our neighborhoods and buildings where we work.  The airtube headset can be used anywhere to reduce the amount of exposure that the body gets through regular cell phone use.  The airtube headset will be a good investment tool that will protect the health of every family member exposed to cell phone use.  People are not protected from wireless radiation when they use a regular wireless headset, which is issued with every cell phone purchased today.



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