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Why Are Cell Phones Dangerous?

Cordless Phones Health Risks

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Cell Phone Tower Radiation

The cell phone antenna generates a wireless signal that connects and communicates with the nearest cell phone tower. This signal is a form of radiation, often called cell phone radiation. Cell phone radiation is one type of electromagnetic radiation, or EMR. Other types of EMR include radio frequencies (RF), microwaves (MW) and electromagnetic frequencies or EMFs. There are other additional forms of radiation but these are the most common. This form of radiation is not the same as nuclear radiation or radiation from XRays. Those forms of radiation are referred to as ionizing radiation because they contain enough energy to break chemical bonds in the body. The form of radiation to which we are referring is found in the very low-frequency end of the electromagnetic spectrum and is generated from items such as televisions, AM and FM radio, radar, microwave communication devices, electrical wiring, power transmission lines and, of course, cell phones.

All electric and electronic devices produce some varying amounts of electromagnetic radiation, that is, they create both an electric and a magnetic field. There is overwhelming evidence of significant biological consequences from being exposed to these forms of radiation, including that from cell phones. One of the problems is that cell phone radiation can’t be seen. It’s invisible. And for most people, it can’t be sensed or felt either. We can’t see, feel or hear the thousands upon thousands of EMR frequencies that are continuously bombarding every cell in our body 24 hours a day. This explosion of wireless technology is drowning us in a sea of electropollution and cell phone radiation.

This insidious and invisible toxin called electromagnetic radiation is wrecking havoc on our health. We think because it can’t be seen or felt it isn’t there. But, frankly, there isn’t a time during any day when we are not exposed to the damaging effects of electromagnetic radiation. In fact, never before in the history of civilization has this type of environment existed. The United States, Canada, Western Europe and China emit so much EMR that it is even detectable by satellites in outer space.

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