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     Where are subtle energies of the Qlink Pendant converted from?

Clarus Where are the Qlinks Pendants energies conducted to?

Dr. William Tiller supposes that refined energies could be a kind of energy or energies in the vacuum state. Dr. Tiller hypothesises that their energy is doubtless converted thru the magnetic vector potentials identified in quantum physics. These potentials are the parent field for all electronic phenomena. This conversion process is taking place all of the time, though in a raw, comparatively chaotic state. Other scientists postulate that subtle energies are a part of quantum fields ( Dr. Glen Rein ). Delicate energies may perform a part in string concept. The string theory interpretation indicates that delicate energies are a part of dimensional structures that underlay the phenomena of both matter and energy wave packets. If a technology may be engineered that more methodically explained, converted and conducted subtle energies from the vacuum state into the realm of now quantifiable energies,eg classical electromagnetics - that is, into the realm of common forces and matter and so into any physical, chemical or biological system - the implications would be massive.

If a technological process might be successfully developed, then, usually, the following would be anticipated : one. Electron and photon flows would be more efficient two. Electro-magnetic interactions would be better three. Valence shell bonding process would occur quicker and would be more energy efficient ( ionic bonding processes would be more energy efficient giving rise to steadier bonds ) in principle, the technology capability to convert raw delicate energies into condensed precise vector energies indicates that any system would become more refined, more stabilised and energy efficient - i.e.
More explained.

Photonic and electronic systems would function with extra signal and less noise. Chemical processes would be more energy efficient. And any biological system would be fortified and more self-resonant with its own healthy working. This technology could probably be used to make new degrees of atomic bonds and new materials, and could noticeably enlarge a wide range of processes in applied physics, chemistry and biology. Generating a number of positive and tough advantages to these standard processes. Concept indicates that a technology of this sort could reduce quantum noise at room temperatures, and thus open new thresholds in micro and nano industries.

The target of Clarus has been to engineer and produce this technology. We call it Compassionate Resonance Technology ( tm ) or SRT ( tm ). We wish to push this technology to greatness in our lifetimes - and we imagine that in the future considerate resonators will change into a highly desired part in all homes as both freestanding appliances and as an element in numerous patron and business products and processes. 


"Revolutionary New Technologies
Protect You from the Harmful Effects of Cell Phone Radiation,

Computers, Bluetooth Headsets, Microwave Ovens,

Cordless Phones, and other Wireless Technologies."

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