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     What does Clarus engineer the Qlink Pendant for

 Cell Tower Protection?

Clarus invents and manufactures new kinds of patron and commercial products called considerate resonators. A considerate resonator creates a coupling circuit between refined energies and classical electromagnetic energies. This coupling circuit does three critical things.
One. It converts raw subtle energies into explained, highly-delineated and highly-concentrated refined energies. In the sense used here, "raw" is like raw materials that are converted from a comparatively chaotic state into a more ordered, more refined state.

After conversion, the sophisticated energies are, in effect, presumed to be more intensified and condensed. Two. It conducts these converted delicate energies into an environmental space. The dimensions of the space can range between a three foot round radius to a fifty foot round radius.

When the converted delicate energies are conducted into an environment, they act more at once than diffused or raw refined energies on the systems both comprise and influence. Three. This conversion and conduction actively effects the performance of phenomena in the influenced space - especially phenomena which employs electric fields. Clarus makes two kinds of considerate resonators. Each type is made of hardware which is treated and embellished by a master producing device that conducts super-refined refined energies. One type is the considerate resonator employed in the QLink Pendant. It is engineered using three elements : a resonating cell, a tuning board and an amplifying coil.

The main part, the resonating cell, works as a crystalline oscillator to convert and conduct subtle energy into more coherent energy states, ones which are conducive to the health energy states of the person. The tuning board strengthens the resonating cell to function in a particular range or energy range. It harmonizes and protects the functioning of the resonating cell. The amplifying coil shapes and strengthens the dimensions of the energy field that is conducted. It extends the power of the compassionate resonance into a 3-dimensional field. This whole process explains the user's energy states, and thus braces the internal power and resilience of the wearer, letting him to better clear out chaotic type energies. Electric energy isn't needed for this resonator since it gets power from the energy of the person wearing it.

Because electric power isn't applied, and thanks to the unique way a considerate resonator works, the cell, tuning board and amplifying coil don't have to be physically wired as they'd with an ordinary Hertzian electronic circuit. A 2nd type is the circuit boards employed in the QLink ClearWaves and Ally.

These are not normal electric engineering-type circuit boards, but are made for their own purpose to convert and conduct sophisticated energies.

These circuit boards use an actively-powered oscillator to increase the influential range of the instrument. There's a 3rd sort of considerate resonator hardware that Clarus does not design or make, but which shows great guarantee. Clarus can in theory use existing industrial and end-user products as resonators, as indicated by research into these areas. These existing products are treated and embellished by the master producing energy field, and they become effective compassionate resonators when turned on.

To date, Clarus has conducted limited RD with hardware products made by firms aside from Clarus. The 2 first hardware platforms have been batteries and CDs / DVDs. The materials employed in these products permits batteries to function as compassionate resonators, and also permits CDs and DVDs to function as compassionate resonators when played in standard media systems. Clarus is playing with the use of these CD / DVD optical storage platforms to engender a radically new control interface that creates total emotional immersion in the media.



"Revolutionary New Technologies
Protect You from the Harmful Effects of Cell Phone Radiation,

Computers, Bluetooth Headsets, Microwave Ovens,

Cordless Phones, and other Wireless Technologies."

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