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According to Rob, and according to a lot of other people (Dr Goldsworthy talks about infringement of privacy with smart meters) smart meters are not just communicating with the power company, these meters are also sending signals to any other smart meters in the vicinity and nearby cell phone towers as well. (it is my understanding that iphones work in the same way) And, contrary to what is generally believed, smart meters are sending this information almost continuously, not at certain limited times during the day. The result of this is that microwave radiation is bouncing around all the time, through houses and people, as the communication goes from meter to meter.

I don’t need to tell you about the health concerns regarding electromagnetic radiation, and as smart meters use exactly the same technology to send signals as cell phones the health ramifications are the same, namely:

$ The ionizing radiation given off by smart meters breaks the DNA molecules in the nuclei of cells. All the cells that are formed by this original cell by cell division will have this altered DNA in their nuclear material. Broken and altered DNA can lead to cancer and other illnesses.

 Every day, the body manufactures about 3,000 miles of DNA. Twenty billion new cells are formed every day as well. The lower range frequencies emitted by smart meters can disrupt not only the DNA, but also can disrupt the bonds necessary for protein synthesis. Every time a disruption of the DNA occurs, there is an increased chance of creating an error, sometimes a serious error, in DNA transcription, or to put it more plainly cancer.
$ It has been estimated that 3% of the population is extremely sensitive to microwave radiation (like me), and will experience fatigue, headaches, and sleep disturbances etc when exposed to the radiation from any microwave emitting devices.

Tests done with those who are sensitive have revealed that they will experience an acceleration of heart rate, from 68 to 122, when using a cell phone. Their heartbeat will also become irregular. Besides these very sensitive people, about 35% of the population is moderately sensitive to microwave radiation.

The possible health problems of these people are being ignored and their concerns trivialized.

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Malta, Valetta
Albania, Tirana,
Port Augusta, South Australia


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