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Warning Kids are at High Risk of Developing
Brain Cancer Part 2

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The Globe Wellness Organization which was designed by the way for the widespread very good of all mankind, has now listed mobile cell telephone use in the exact same “carcinogenic hazard” category as lead, engine exhaust and chloroform as getting quite cancer creating. So if you wanted to know some to the causes of cancer right here are 4 huge ones, Carbonmonoxied Poisoning, Lead, Chloroform and the greatest for final, Electromagnetic Radio Waves ( radiation ) emitted by cell phones.
To back up these findings a group of 31 scientists kind 14 countries located adequate proof from the evidence compiled to honestly categorize private exposure as probably getting very carcinogenic to humans. They found evidence of an improve in glioma and acoustic neuroma brain cancer for mobile phone users. Please spend close consideration to the following simple fact. The form of radiation coming out of cell phones is known as non-ionizing, not like an x-ray it is comparable to a low powered microwave oven.

If you have been following my articles then you have studied the facts that food cooked in a microwave oven loses it really is chemical structure thereby nullifying the nutrients in the food that is microwaved. As was the situation of the lawsuit for Norma Levitt in Oaklahoma in 1991 wherever Norma Levitt went in for a easy hip replacement and the acting nurse on duty accidently heated in the microwave the blood to be utilized for Norma in the transfusion. Hence Norma Levitt died and the case is still in the courts. The blood really should have been heated in warm water as mothers do with baby milk but sadly it was accidently heated in the microwave oven thereby nullifying the properties in the blood as a result changing the bloods molecular structure.

Last but not least I give you the icing on the cake. Dr. George Carlo is a fellow member of the American College of Epidemiology and serves on the faculty of the Geroge Washington University school of medicine. In 1999 the Cellular Telecommunications Business Association ( CTIA ) hired George to prove to the public that cell phones will not cause cancer and are certainly protected. The following are the facts from the multi million dollar analysis carried out.

The creating skulls and brain tissue of youngsters and teenagers are far more susceptible to cell phone radiation
The blood brain barrier which prevents harmful chemical substances circulating in our blood from reaching sensitvie brain tissue is compromised by radio frequency radiation emitted by cell telephone antennas.

Radio frequency radiation produces micronuclei in human blood cells, a kind of genetic harm known to be a precurser for diagnosing cancer.
Radiation emissions from cell phones are double of what genetic harm in blood cells has been found in radiation levels.
Much more deaths from cell mobile phone users than non users. Correlation to Brain Tumours on the correct side of the head where most men and women use their cell phones.
The threat of uncommon neuro epithelial tumours on the outdoors of the brain was more than doubled in cell telephone users than non users.
The threat of acoustic neuroma ( a benign tumour ) was 50 % increased in cell cellphone users than non users.

Cell phones can interfere with pace makers.
So here you have it in a nutshell, if you want to prolong your life then start making use of your speaker phone on your cellphone more often and cease utilizing your microwave oven to heat food. That is if you want to Avoid Cancer and Reside a Lengthy and Nutritious Life. If you have Cancer then I assistance you to study a book entitled ” Disease Destroyed ” on how to beat Cancer Naturally. Cancer Remedy that is all Natural.
Just a down to earth guy who only had three weeks to reside due to liver disease and discovered how to heal himself by means of alternative organic healing. Now Tom is on a mission to assist and teach others what he has learned about Natural Healing.

Warning Kids are at High Risk of Developing Brain Cancer Part 1

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