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    UK Mobile Phone Radiation For Children. Safe or Unsafe?

Crean adds the cellphones are marketed at fogeys instead of at kids this is significant in the UK, as the network operators have concluded a behavior code which outlines that they will not market phones in particular to under-16s. But what makes up selling to kids can be moot : in the Irish Republic, where the toy-like handset is on sale, the telephone's sellers includes Smyths, the nation's largest toy store, and the Creans ran a short radio and bus advertising campaign for Xmas . Crean claims that regardless of the limited functions, the handset passes the kiddy-credibility test. Our eldest child is nine and understands why it is not good for her to have a regular mobile, she asserts.

A good few of her buddies have standard ones, though. More than seven thousand handsets have recently been sold in Eire , and the Creans are presently deep in commercial talks with many UK networks. We are so going to have the product launched there before the end of this year, she is saying. In Eire our telephones have just had a network launch with O2, having been marketed at first as a sim-card-free telephone 2 years ago. Not everybody in Eire considers the Firefly a blessing for babies, though . Aine Lynch, the Chairman of the nation's Oldsters Council, disagrees the Firefly would be more acceptable for youngsters aged eleven or 12, instead of those as young as four. She points out that it might stop them from accessing the web, ringing up inflated telephone bills or calling and texting folks unknown to their folks.

Targeting a telephone at a four-year-old causes us concern, she asserts.

It gives rise to questions as to where parental responsibility is going. Why would children have to be approached by mobile phone? Why are they not in the custody of their oldsters, teachers or supervisors? Other European states are heading in the opposite direction to Britain and Eire : the French State introduced laws earlier in the year that ban sales of mobile telephones to kids under six and proscribe advertising them to youngsters under twelve.

And a brief released in Jan by the Finnish Radiation and Nuclear Safety Authority concluded that youngsters's use of mobile telephones should be limited till the potential long term health risks are identified. But in the UK, the govt's watchdog, the Mobile Telecomms and Health Research Programme, seems to have stalled on its announced plan to pay for such a study. No work has been commissioned from its 3.1 million research budget. Given this obvious official indifference, toddler-phones are ready to become a commoner UK phenomenon, claims MobileYouth's Dhaliwal. Many corporations, including Samsung, are building handsets for kids aged 4-5 with some functionality, though none is yet signed to a UK network, he asserts. Given the parental zeal for dialling up their tiny darlings, such telephones may turn out to be the best choice, he adds.

There are bonafide reasons why you wouldn't reasonably need a kid to have a completely working handset, though folk now do this. You are giving them access to the Net and you cannot control what kind of people get access to them. At least limited kiddie mobiles stop this from happening..


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