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   The Dangers of Smart Meter Data Part 4


Smart Meters Radiation Danger

Smart Meters Radiation Protection

However, because these protections generally do not apply to information revealed to third parties, a California Court of Appeals held that data collected from a specially installed surveillance electricity meter could be obtained by law enforcement without a warrant. Because the metering equipment was outside and did not reveal information about activities within the home, the Court found no constitutional protection.

Sophisticated analysis of AMI data might reveal enough about in-home behavior to reverse this outcome. On the other hand, as the use of such technologies becomes more common, consumer expectations may change, thereby placing law enforcement use of AMI data outside of Fourth Amendment protections. As a result, AMI data revealed to a utility, billing agency, or other vendor may now be available to law enforcement without a warrant. Utilities and others handling AMI data will need to understand what they may, or must, do when law enforcement agencies demand access.

Lastly, market manipulators, extortionists, terrorists, and others with political agendas could use unauthorized access to AMI command and control systems to disrupt the delivery of services to targeted facilities, create widespread blackouts, disrupt load balancing commands, or create fear and panic among the general population. Crackers may be interested in compromising command and control systems for personal satisfaction or bragging rights.

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