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Despite the fact there is neither a hypothetical mechanism for radiowaves or microwaves to disrupt DNA and cause cancer, nor is there compelling evidence that cell phone radiation can make you sick, a working group of 31 scientists from 14 countries met at the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) classified radiofrequency electromagnetic fields as “possibly carcinogenic to humans.” The report stated “there could be some risk” of a causal link between cell phone use and brain cancer. The group issued a “2B classification” for cell phone and similar radio frequency electromagnetic radiation.

The 2B classification paints with quite a broad brush, ranking cell phone radiation alongside chemical sources that include both coffee and lead, mustard gas and talcum powder. The Category 3 classification identifies (among many others) cholesterol, fluorescent lighting, rust, hepatitis D, various food colorings, and jet fuel as less a threat than cell phone radiation.

Now, the IARC reviewed previously published papers in scientific journals, they did no experiments and performed no further study to arrive at their conclusion. Among the studies at their disposal was the analysis of public health records in the United Kingdom showed no increase in brain cancers since the wide-spread use of cell phones began in the 1990s. Another study shows that, in the United States, as cell phone use has become ubiquitous in the last decade, brain cancer rates, and deaths thereby, have declined. Another study, the “interphone” study carried out on 2,708 malignant brain tumor patients from 13 countries showed no correlation between cell phone use and brain tumor, even for individuals who had used a cell phone for more than 10 years.
The IARC’s decision weighed heavily on one low statistics study that showed a 40% increase in glioma, a particular type of fatal brain cancer. Clearly, they made the err-on-the-side-of-caution decision for the 2B Classification of radio frequency radiation.
It’s a rather confusing situation that can benefit from a bit of prioritization.

Before you start worrying about cell phone radiation, here is a list of ten activities that are tangible health risks that you should address first:

1. Do you smoke or hang out with people who smoke? (not just tobacco, mind you, all smoke contains carcinogens)
2. Do you wear your seatbelt? Does your car have side, head, and dash airbags? Do you drive the speed limit?
3. Do you floss your teeth? (flossing reduces bacteria growth that shows a causal relationship to heart disease)
4. Do you get enough exercise? Is your rest pulse rate below 70? Are you overweight?
5. Do you fly in airplanes? (exposure to cancer-causing radiation like ultraviolet rays and cosmic rays increases at high altitudes)
6. Do you eat fast food, drink alcohol, donuts?
7. Are you stressed? Do you get enough laughter? Do you meditate, do yoga, pray, wander around in a zone of bliss?
8. Do you talk on the phone or text while driving?
9. Do you live near a busy street? (air pollutants cause a host of ailments from asthma to emphysema)
10. Do you eat barbequed food? (the charcoal from burnt flame-cooked food is a carcinogen)

Once you have all of these covered, you could consider wearing an aluminum foil suit to protect yourself from stray electromagnetic radiation. Such a suit would actually work, provided you make sure that it connects to the bottom of your shoe so you can stay grounded. It's about the only way to prevent exposure to either natural or unnatural electromagnetic radiation, though it does nothing to combat cosmic rays.
The thing is, if society is serious about reducing the risk of tragic injury and death, the easiest solution is to reduce the highway speed limit to 55 mph.

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