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Studies Cast Doubt On Safety Of Cell Phones

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A recent report by the World Health Organization concluded that radiation from cell phones can possibly cause brain cancer.

A recent report by the World Health Organization concluded that radiation from cell phones can possibly cause brain cancer.

"I think we don't know enough and that we need to know more," said Steve worried for his son.
"I think I'm going to try to do things that make him a little bit safer. I'm going to try to use Bluetooth or other technology that doesn't have the phone to his ear just because there is doubt," he added.
Amy Lerner, also concerned, says "I've had instances where I feel a lot of heat using cell phones and so then I started reading a little bit about it and that created a bit of concern for me."

Cell phones use a form of energy called non-ionizing radiation. It's much less radiation than we get from an X-ray, for example. "Non-ionizing radiation is much lower energy so there's much less of a risk, but that doesn't mean there isn't any risk," said Epidemiologist, Dr. Daniel Wartenberg

Dr. Wartenberg says the data we have now isn't good enough to draw firm conclusions because it relies on what people remember about how much they used their phones.
"So right now we're still trying to figure out how to do better studies," he added.
"Things people can do to lower their exposure are to take the phone and hold it further away so they can put the speakerphone on and they can talk and hear easily. Alternatively, you can use other devices such as Bluetooth, earpieces or wires so that you don't have to have the phone near your head at all," suggested Dr. Wartenberg.
It will be several of years until we get answers. In the meantime, Amy Lerner plans to use earphones as a precautionary measure.
"It (earphones) just becomes part of your life and I do think its healthier for us," Lerner said.
There's a study now underway in Europe that will follow people over time. This way we can actually track their phone usage going forward.

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