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December 20, 2011

Critics have slammed B.C. Hydro’s intelligent scale module over health issues, miss of conference and threats to privacy. But we have nonetheless to hear an evidence that would clear abandoning use of these devices.

B.C. Hydro had a latest exam on Monday, when a province’s remoteness commissioner done 14 recommendations to urge remoteness and confidence practices during a Crown house in a arise of an review into a confidence of a utility’s intelligent scale program.

In her report, Elizabeth Denham found that B.C. Hydro is complying with a Freedom of Information and Protection and Privacy Act with courtesy to a collection, use, disclosure, insurance and influence of a personal information of a customers. But she pronounced B.C. Hydro is not in correspondence with courtesy to a presentation it provides to a business about intelligent meters.

“B.C. Hydro is compulsory by law to tell their business a purpose for collecting personal information for a intelligent meters project, what authorised management they have to do so and to yield hit information for a B.C. Hydro worker who can answer any questions that arise per collection,” she said. “Hydro is not now assembly this requirement, and we’ve done some recommendations to assistance them urge their patron notification.”

B.C. Hydro has committed to put movement skeleton in place to residence a recommendations, pronounced Denham.

Although a commissioner’s commentary should not be taken lightly, conjunction should they be blown out of proportion.

Privacy issues contingency be tip of mind for B.C. Hydro, generally deliberation a series of people that will be influenced by intelligent meters. About 1.9 million electro-magnet meters will be transposed by intelligent meters by a finish of 2012, providing a some-more accurate design of appetite expenditure both to B.C. Hydro and a consumer.

People have a right to know how all this information will be used by a Crown house and we wish that B.C. Hydro will take stairs to safeguard that happens from now on. But a commissioner found zero to advise that a approach in that information was collected by a new meters infringes on residents’ privacy. What Denham radically targeted was a communications error.

This once again illustrates how many of a concerns over a doing of intelligent meters have been exaggerated. Potential health concerns is another one.

Some people are disturbed radio waves issued from a meters could be damaging to health.

However, B.C. Hydro has pronounced that 4 mins of bearing to Wi-Fi in a coffee emporium would equal one year of bearing to a vigilance in intelligent meters.

The advantages of intelligent meters distant transcend a concerns.

These inclination will concede workers to lane and review appetite use in neighbourhoods, enabling them to improved mark appetite theft. They’ll also be means to spin energy on and off remotely and find areas with energy outages. Smart meters will also send alerts when customers’ energy has been incited off, permitting crews to improved lane where a depressed lines are.

We’re not observant a meters are perfect. Obviously, some improvements contingency be done to how B.C. Hydro handles remoteness issues per a new technology. But overall, many complaints about intelligent meters expected branch from possibly misinformation or misunderstanding.

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