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Having a “smart” meter installed on your property is, well, not so smart. I wanted to share with you a presentation on these gadgets by a gentleman called Rob States – to my mind this is absolutely essential information – you thought cell phone radiation was bad!

Rob States knows his stuff. He has three master’s degrees in various disciplines of engineering. Through formal education and private research he has developed a high degree of microwave radiation and power generation expertise. He lives in California, and the power company he talks about in the video presentation below is PG&E (Pacific Gas and Electric).

Smart meters are already in use in countless states and counties throughout the US, but this is not an issue which is confined to the US. The same problems exist elsewhere and are sometimes worse in other countries. In the UK, for instance, smart meters are a potentially bigger health threat because as Dr Goldsworthy points out “From the health angle, it should be noted that American residential meters are normally placed outside the house, whereas in the UK they are most commonly under the stairs; i.e. in the centre of the house. This means that more people will be affected in the UK and their wireless transmissions will have to be more powerful to get through the intervening walls.

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