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The complaints grew vocal enough, however, that Michael Peevey, president of the state's PUC, directed PG&E in mid-March to develop a plan to allow customers who object to the meters to be provided another option. "I think it's clear the time has come for some kind of movement in the direction of customer opt-outs," Peevey said. He added that the health complaints to the PUC have been limited to the PG&E customer base. His initial order did not extend to the other two utility companies.

"We have not had complaints about radio frequency emissions or other concerns about smart meters from customers of other utilities in California," said Peevey.
RF Unknowns

Peevey's action came as a surprise to many and followed direct discussions he had with PG&E's president. It also came in the wake of the introduction of a bill in the state legislature to mandate opt-outs for smart meters for all California utility customers. Several localities in the state have actually called for a halt to the installation of RF meters because of citizen complaints. Still more controversy was generated from the release of a 50-page draft report in January from the California Council on Science and Technology. That report, requested by several state legislators, concluded that current FCC standards involving smart meters are adequate and that properly installed and maintained meters emit less RF exposure than household cell phones and microwave ovens.

However, the report also noted that "not enough is currently known about potential nonthermal impacts of radio frequency emissions to identify or recommend additional standards for such impacts." It called for consumers to be given more information about all RF-emitting devices and urged the PUC to "consider doing an independent review of the deployment of smart meters to determine if they are installed and operating consistent with the information provided to the consumer." So although the state report found the smart meters currently safe, it expressed uncertainty about the unknowns involved.
Growing Controversy

Continued safety assurances from utility executives, the report's release and Peevey's action have done little to quell the growing controversy in California about the safety and accuracy of smart meters in the state. "CCST's study doesn't conclusively resolve the smart-meter debate," said California State Assemblyman Jared Huffman, who co-sponsored the opt-out legislation. "The benefits of smart meters and a smart grid do not require wireless technology." Huffman and others suggest customers be given the option of a hard-wired smart meter. Such meters are more expensive to install and maintain. Peevey said that the cost "should be paid by the customers who choose to opt out."

The proposed state legislation would make the opt-out choice retroactive for utility customers, which could cause even more confusion. PG&E already had installed 7.6 million smart meters by March 2010 and will install another 2.5 million by the end of 2012. SCE has nearly half of its planned 5 million installations in place. And SDG&E has replaced nearly all of its 1.4 million electric meters and 136,000 of its 850,000 gas meters. Meanwhile, smart meter opponents say an opt-out provision may not resolve any possible health issues because residents could still receive RF emissions from their neighbors' meters.

The escalating brouhaha has caused proponents of smart meters to re-evaluate their current strategy and wonder whether the issue will spread to other states that are not as far along as

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