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  Smart Meter Wars Part 1

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A SWEEPING PLAN BY REGULATORS AND UTILITY EXECUTIVES to install more than 17 million smart meters in California by 2012 is generating growing controversy about health and cost ramifications from consumer advocates and threatening to derail the national move toward smart meter deployment.

The state is already well on its way to jump-starting the imposition of an energy smart grid which is designed to lower peak demand for energy and allow consumers to better control their energy use and costs. Smart meters are a central element of that plan. The state's three giant private utilities - Pacific Gas & Electric, Southern California Edison and San Diego Gas & Electric - intend to have their smart meter installations fully in place by next year. The multimillion-dollar cost of the smart meter project is being passed through to utility customers on their monthly bills.

However, some customers in PG&E's Northern California service territory have complained - and in some cases testified before the California Public Utility Commission - that they are suffering health effects including migraine headaches, heart palpitations and nausea from the emissions of the radio frequency meters. Some PG&E and SDG&E customers have also complained that the smart meters are inaccurate and caused their utility bills to spike. PG&E officials said the smart meters are completely safe and reliable.

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"Revolutionary New Technologiess
Protect You from the Harmful Effects of Cell Phone Radiation,

Computers, Bluetooth Headsets, Microwave Ovens,

Cordless Phones, and other Wireless Technologies."


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