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Electromagnetic radiation (EMR), such as measured from smart meters, has been associated in many scientific studies with negative health effects. Yet, BC Hydro (a Canada based electrical utility), has decided to install a WIMAX (Worldwide Interoperability for Microwave Access) system and smart meters on Salt Spring Island as a test project. This plan will subject all citizens and animal species to excessive levels of EMR and should be abandoned.

Salt Spring Islanders wisely rejected two attempts to install cell phone transmitters in populated areas in 2000 and 2004, based on science showing this type of technology to be dangerous to public health.

The WIMAX and smart meter system is far worse than the jacked-up high voltage power line they recently forced onto this community, upping transmission voltages (multiple overhead lines from 138kV to 230kV). This is not a green initiative, nor does it save energy. It is purely for corporate efficiency and fails to take negative effects into account.
This WIMAX and smart meter experiment represents an unacceptable threat to the sustainability and health of this community. I urge people to take a hard look at this proposal and come together in preventing this plan, or we will soon see our precious island become a much less healthy place for people, plants, and animals.

There is huge public outcry and scientific opposition to this toxic technology in other areas such as California, where they are further along in the deployment of wireless gas and electric meters. The province of Quebec and many countries are rejecting the installation of these very hackable wireless systems. In some instances, power bills have soared mysteriously after radiation meters are installed. They compromise privacy and information security. Health complaints from the new meters are in the tens of thousands.

Fremantle, Victoria,
Bolivia, Sucre,
Paraguay, Asuncion,
Micronesia, Palikir,
New Orleans, Louisiana, USA
Bathurst, Australia,
Eritrea, Asmara,
Thailand, Bangkok,
Latvia, Riga,
Blue Mountains, Australia


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