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   Smart Meter - Health Effects - What PG&E Is Not Telling The Public For Industry Profit Part 5

Smart Meters

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Radio Frequency Meters

Interference and Accumulative EMF/RF effects

You were talking about the various types of electromagnetic interference and radiation that is out there and the issue of WiFi everywhere, is a good point, but there are other issues we need to be concerned about.

There is a huge push for something called “broadband over power lines”, or BPL. This is where you would get internet over your power lines, and of course PG&E likes that because is revenue potential for them.

That hasn’t come to pass yet, but there is a big push to do that. There is also some push back because one of the negatives with broadband through power lines is that is causes severe interference in certain parts of the radio spectrum including the use of amateur radio.

For example, I’m sure everyone one in this room is old enough to remember the 1989 earthquake. All of our conventional means of communication were knocked out where you couldn’t make a long distance call or a call from Monterey to Salinas because the phone lines were down. The amateur radio people were the ones who got information in and out of the area. BPL, broadband through power line, wipes out a lot of their ability to use amateur radio. The FCC is considering this to be somewhat of an acceptable trade off because of the benefit of being able to bring internet access to people who don’t have it.

So, BPL is another thing coming down the line. With the BPL we also get increased electromagnetic interference in your home and leakage from that through the walls will affect you as well. We haven’t gotten into the accumulative affect, the impact of all of us by all of these Smart Meters working simultaneously.

They say the Smart Meters will only pulse one time or a couple times a day. Well, think of an apartment building with sixteen units, with sixteen (actually it will be 32 if you include both electric and gas) smart meters, and next door there could be a condo unit with eight units (16 smart meters). Maybe there is another condo complex down the road, like Peninsula Point, they’ve got 60 units there (120 smart meters). Think of every individual house and business with their own smart meters on them, and they are all going.

We hear they will not all come on at one time of day, they are going to come on and off at various times, and you’re going to have a web surround you. There really isn’t a way, no practical way, for PG&E or anyone to measure what the aggregate impacts of all of these are.

What if you go out in 2 degree radials, 360 degree radials is a circle, and there could be more interference or more radiation in one set of degrees in different spacing than other ones. Somebody could be across the street and they could be getting blasted while you might live right next door to the meter on the side of your house standing 10 feet away from it, and you are not getting as much exposure as the person across the street because all those meters are shooting off in that direction.

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