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   Smart Meter - Health Effects - What PG&E Is Not Telling The Public For Industry Profit Part 4

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One of the medical issues that are sort of side issues is interference. PG&E has stated repeatedly that if you have a pace maker, if you stay SIX INCHES away you will be safe. There is a woman in Salinas who came close to a PG&E Smart Meters at one of their presentations. She got to within FOUR or FIVE FEET of one of the PG&E Smart Meters that was on, and her pace maker started to defibrillate and her pulse went way up. This is a huge problem because people don’t just have pace makers. We have Parkinson brain implants, which are extremely susceptible to RF (radio frequency).

Many people are very limited right now where they can go in our society as some of these devises that are affected by RF can be life threatening if these devises are shut off or altered. Those with Insulin pumps don’t want to be anywhere near RF because it can alter the devises settings.

There are other issues that concern our wildlife, and the effects of being surrounded with a canopy of EMF that will surround bugs, butterflies, pets from the installation of Smart Meters and the broadcast receiving towers.

This is an excellent book “Birds, Bees and Mankind – Destroying Nature by Electosmog by Ulrich Warnke. This book was translated from German in 2010 and the research in it is amazing. All navigational creatures, bees, bats, and butterflies like our Monarch Butterflies in the Pacific Grove, CA Monarch Grove Sanctuary, have magnetite.
Many believe that magnetite allows these creatures to navigate in reaction to the fluctuating electromagnetic fields of the earth, like coming storms. Magnetite is like having another ear so that they can react appropriately. When we create artificial EMF’s, it is louder than the natural EMF’s of the planet.

One of the reasons cell phone technology works is that they are louder, and will overpower the earth’s natural frequencies, they override it, and they are above it. When we do that, we make these guys, (navigational wildlife), work a whole lot harder to know where they are going. There are things like sudden hive collapse where the bees just didn’t come back.

One of the things EMF’s can do in creatures and humans is upset the nitrous oxide system , and in bees this system is part of their learning, smell and immune system. There are many parallels to the human system as well.

When sudden hive collapse as well as immune disease problems bees began, the scientists that wrote the book stated that they had never seen such a great increase in the bugs that the bees had to contend with…what’s going on here? Well, if your immune system is affected either by cell towers nearby, or living in an area where there is a lot of wireless radiation going on could account for this.

The last chapter of the book is on human impacts, (see page 39,a catolog of symptoms and diseases derived from the known effective mechanisms of nitrosati-ve/oxidative stress) It lists a progression of health impacts. Again, we are not seeing people dying on the streets and it’s very difficult to say “we are all walking around more or less functional. A lot of illnesses are long term and have latency periods. A lot of cancers have 10 years or more latency periods. So, we don’t get the immediate feedback that would really help us to identify if something is dangerous nor not.

If you put your hand on a hot stove, you know instantly, but with microwave radiation, RF and EMF’s people are not getting that instant feedback. PG&E says, well, more research is needed; just keep buying all these appliances, keep hanging around your hair dryer mind you. PG&E did say in their brochure you might want to limit your exposure to hair dryers because hair dryers have huge EMF fields. The further you are away from the source, the more the EMF’s drop off over a distance.

This book, (Birds, Bees and Humans) , is very frightening, because we have a Butterfly Sanctuary that now has the Adult School (located at 1025 Lighthouse Ave. at the mouth of the sanctuary) with cell phone towers at the mouth of the Sanctuary, it also probably has WiFi. There is a motel right next to the sanctuary and don’t know if they have WiFi, a lot of them do. There are houses all around there that probably have WiFi and now we have Smart Meters coming on every building.

People probably go into the Sanctuary taking pictures of the Monarch Butterflies with their cell phones. If the butterflies stop coming to Santa Cruz or Pacific Grove, it’s or the other sanctuaries, it’s probably because they can’t find them anymore because they can hear.

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